Test Fill for Rock Fill Dams: Orano Canada Inc. McClean Lake Operation’s 2021 Expansion Embankment for the JEB Tailings Management Facility (TMF)

Presented by Sara Seabrook from WSP Golder Associates


March 15 @ 12 PM
@ the Private Room in Birmingham's Vodka and Ale House


Test fills for rock fill dams are of great value to help the designer determine the effect of construction methods including maximum rock sizes, the lift thickness and compaction effort on the amount of degradation or segregation occurring during compaction, and geotechnical properties of the compacted fill, such as density and grain-size distribution.  Sara’s presentation summarizes the results and recommendations following the waste rock test fill construction for Orano’s uranium tailings management facility expansion embankment construction in 2021.

SGG Orano_reduced.jpg

Sara Seabrook, P.Eng. – Ms. Seabrook is a geotechnical engineer with WSP Golder Associates’ Saskatoon office.  Her consulting career began in 1999 as an engineering technologist and she currently holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. Sara has 20 years of experience in a wide variety of civil design, construction QA/QC, geotechnical and hydrogeological site characterization, and physical and contaminant hydrogeology projects for clients across western Canada. Currently, Ms. Seabrook fulfills the role of Project Engineer supporting the Engineer of Record team involved in the expansion detailed design and construction of Orano’s JEB tailings management facility in Northern Saskatchewan. 

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