Wed, Mar 18
South Dining Room - Park Town Hotel
Rob McPherson & Matthew Dipple: Utilities in Areas of GeoHazards
Wed, Apr 22
Oak Room - Park Town Hotel
Lynden Penner & Jason Cosford: J.D.Mollard and Associates - Terrain Analysis for Geotechnical Investigations Workshop

Utilities in Areas of GeoHazards


March 18

11:30 AM

Park Town Hotel


SaskEnergy owns and operates an extensive natural gas transmission and distribution system in Saskatchewan. A risk-based approach is used by SaskEnergy to manage the potential safety and reliability impacts of slope instability on its infrastructure, and consequently on its customers. This seminar will review some of the solutions that SaskEnergy has worked to develop in concert with external expertise to detect, assess, and mitigate risk to its linear infrastructure in active slope movement areas. The discussion will include the use of varied assessment methods (InSAR satellite monitoring, aerial photos, LiDAR, etc.) and learnings from responding to extreme movement experienced in the Last Mountain Lake area. 

Workshop: Terrain Analysis for Geotechnical Investigations


April 22

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Presenter Details /

Lynden Penner, M.Sc., P.Eng., P.Geo.,

Jason Cosford, Ph.D., P.Geo., 

Workshop Highlights:

❖ A hands-on, interactive workshop tailored to the interests of the participants.
❖ Identification and interpretation of Canada’s landforms, landscapes, surface and subsurface materials from airphotos, satellite images, DEMs and multidisciplinary maps. We will select and analyze, along with course attendees, an appropriate number of 3D air photo stereograms appearing in the 680-stereogram course manual, which will include: bedrock, glacial (includes glaciofluvial and glaciolacustrine), fluvial (running water), eolian (wind), shorezone, groundwater, peatland (wetland), permafrost and colluvial (e.g., ravine slope and ground movements) landforms.
❖ Case history examples include a wide range of sub-disciplines selected from over 5,000 remote sensing consulting assignments:
- Geological (mineral and petroleum exploration)
- Geohazards (e.g., unstable ground, shore erosion, others)
- Hydrological (groundwater and surface water)
- Cryological (ice and permafrost)
- Geotechnical / geological engineering (site and route characterization and evaluation)
- Environmental (terrain sensitivity, shore erosion and environmental assessment)
- Tectonics (geologic structures / tectonic inheritance/ lineament mapping/ subsurface data integration)
❖ Application of digital remote sensing (satellite imagery and DEMs) and geographic information systems (GIS) technologies that assist the interpretation and integration of multidisciplinary geospatial datasets for analysis, presentation and assessment.
❖ Workshop materials: 1) 3-D air photo manual titled Landforms and Surface Materials of Canada: A Stereoscopic Airphoto Atlas and Glossary; 2) An 80-page introductory textbook (DOWN TO EARTH) with 2D air photos and figures and tables, used to describe and illustrate applied multidisciplinary remote sensing; 3) metal pocket stereoscope; and 4) slides describing case history remote sensing applications. Items 1, 2 and 3 are provided for use during the workshop and can be purchased separately.



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